Yoga helps in removing stomach and hair loss problem- 5 YOGA EXERCISE TO GET BEST HEALTH


Yoga helps in removing stomach and hair loss problem

The problem of hair loss from an unbalanced diet is increasing. Lifestyle and mental stress are also making the hair weak.

The problem of pollution, dust mites, sharp sunlight, and unbalanced diet increased. Lifestyle and mental stress are also the reason. Regular exercises of these yoga with a nutritious diet can provide relief in the problem. Do the right thing as instructing yoga expert or learning.

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 It is beneficial in sinus, mental exhaustion, depression and indigo.

Regular practice of this posture that succumbes to is superior to blood circulation in the head. It also benefits from sinus, grief, stress and indifference. You can do this posture for less than one minute of work every day. Do not do it without the expert's supervision, it can be a problem.

Caution- Do not consult a doctor without the help of high BP, shoulder injury and diarrhea.

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 It removes acidity, indigestion and constipation problems. Eye power is also considered beneficial in increasing flames.

Make Wrajasan to prevent hair loss. By doing this the blood circulation is also fine with the digestive system being right. Sit down on the claws of this asana. Keep body weight on the ankles and keep the waist straight. Take a deep breath. Do this process for at least 3 minutes daily.

Caution- Be careful in the problem of Piles, knees and thighs.

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Believe in gastric related problems.

By doing this asana, anger and anxiety are lessened. The mind remains calm. Reducing stomach fat, high BP, constipation, loss of force, difficulty getting white white This posture brings a pull in the lower back and provides relief in back pain. Know how to do it before doing yoga.

Caution- Do not be in the knees and neck pain. The problem of pain may increase.

4. Pavan Muktasan-

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This posture provides relief in the stomach problem
Pavan Muktasana should be done easily 3 to 5 times. There is pressure on the stomach while doing this asana, and the pressure of blood increases because of pressure. It relaxes in stomach, gas related problems and strengthens hair. Low fat and thighs are fat, muscles below the waist are strong.

Caution- Do the supervision of specialist in the back, knees and neck pain.

5. Bhujangasan-
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With this posture, there is relief from constipation and gas. The digestive system is strong. The fat stored on the stomach is removed.

Bhujangasana decreases hair loss. Lay down on the stomach to make the asana. Keep both hands equal to the shoulders. Now with the emphasis on the hands lift the body up. Stay at this stage for at least 30 seconds and then come back to normal stage. This seat can be up to three times.

Caution- Do not do yoga in hernia, slip disk and back pain.


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