How to get loss weight in a month. How to stay fit and slim- weight loss diet plan

It is advisable to take nutritious food to stay healthy and slim, it is true. Life in this part of the world is not always possible to eat food. There is nothing junk in the whole day. Sometimes or 10 percent junk is eaten in the day, do not make it a big issue, but keep in mind that what I have eaten, I want to do it so that I should be healthy and slim.

10 way to stay fit and slim- some way to get loss weight in a month | stylebuzs

1. Reduce sugar intake-

Excessive use of sugar is to call obesity and diseases close. Limit sugar intake throughout the day. If you eat candies, cookies, chocolates, cakes and pastries in the day, then do not take more sugar throughout the day. Some people use sugar separately in milk and cereals to enhance the taste. If it goes more sugar than required in the body. If you take two cups of tea in the day, take one or two biscuits of sugar with sugar tea. Patients with sugar should only take sugar by asking the doctor.

2. Eat something or some other thing throughout the day-

Some people have a habit of staging for a whole day, which is wrong. Such people have a habit of eating which is wrong. The habit of eating such people comes in the category of mindless eating that when the mind desires, ate it. Most such eating hats are in them. When he got the time, he got what he got. Some people say nothing while watching TV, while working on a computer, while calling. It is a bad habit, it increases obesity and makes the body a habit of some sections.

3. Food when bore-

Some people feel bored when they think they should drink tea or eat something. This is the wrong habit. Due to lack of appetite, food is not good for health.

4. Take a walk-

If you are working then take your day's main diet pack together. Do not think that what will be found in the office will eat, The food found in the office will be more oily, which will harm your body. Homemade food will be more nutritious. If you ever eat outside, keep balance. Take down the amount of vegetables. Keep in mind the salad, yogurt, and yogurt. Whatever is found, people who are hungry are more ill.

5. Do not eat more together-

10 way to stay fit and slim- some way to get loss weight in a month | stylebuzs

If you are also eating healthy food, do not eat more together. Divide it into the day and eat it like milk and fruit do not take together. If there is plenty of salad with meals in the day, then sprouts in evening snacks. Take fruit or juice between breakfast and lunch.

6. Get dinner quickly -

If you are at home then take dinner for 7 or 7:30 so that you can start eating food till sleep. Late food is a special reason for obesity. If there is no more hunger then take milk or fruit. If the dinner is light, it is good for health.

7. Take care of fluid too carefully-

Many people drink cold drinks, canned juice, but they have many calories. Improve your habit by drinking water, coconut water or buttermilk. Health will also be good and slim will also be there.

8. Fun Food-

Well, fun is not good for health. Best is nutritious diet. Yet 10 percent of the food can be eaten funually. If you have said more than once, fast then keep it fast the next day. Do not drink anything cold after junk food. If possible, take humming water after half an hour.

9. Plan Your Food -

Plan the three main foods that you have to take all day long. Buy vegetables and fruits from the market on the same basis. Do not place junk food packets in your shopping area even for one emergency time. What is the breakfast in the morning, what is to take office in the day. Keep this plan in mind already. A lot of people do not make the first thoughts and they have to survive by eating junk food in the end times. Ensure that food planning is a very important issue. Do not ignore it.

10. Make dinner at home-

Eat dinner at home only because the outside food is more nutritious than we can not digest to sleep. The result is obesity and gastric problem. Eat a normal meal at home, along with a medium bowl of ketori dal and green vegetable kushch chapati. Eat most of the day at home.