5 homemade fruit face pack

5 homemade fruit face pack| 5 way to get beautiful skin- stylebuzs

1. Orange peel face pack-

Orange peel opens the face pore and reduce the pimples, blackheads and reduce oil.
How to use-
● take 3 orange and peel it. Let put it in sun light for dry
● make a fine powder to from dry peel
● now,  take 2 tbs  of honey and  2 tbs curd and make a paste with orange peel powder
● apply this paste on face for 20 min.
● now after 20 min wash face with normal water.

2. Kisi and avocado face pack-

Kiwi and avocado contain antioxidant, which is protect to aging. This fruit have vitamin c and e which is keep to moisture to skin. Kiwi has skin light tone. Avocado contains oleic acid.
How to use-
● take 1 avocado and 1 kiwi
● mash both and make a creamy paste to it and now add in 1 tha of honey
● apply this paste on face and leave for 30 min.
● after wash it.

3. Banana face pack-

   Banana contain vitamin c and B6, which are essential for skin elasticity and purity. In this also contain vitamin A. The skin doesn't penetrate and doesn't dry. In banana contain antioxidants which protect to skin by free radical.
How to use-
● you need half of banana, half tbs of honey and 1 tha of lemon juice.
● mash the banana and add in all ingredients, make a smooth paste
● now apply this paste on face and leave for 20 min.
● after 20 min wash it. This fruit pack has very useful for pimples skin.

4. Papaya and honey face pack-

  Papaya contain an enzyme called vitamin A and pappen, which is remove dead skin from your skin and you will get glowing skin by it. Becouse of this, your skin color is also clean.
How to use-
● take two pieces of papaya and 1 tbs of honey
● mash to banana and add in honey and make a paste
● apply this paste on face and leave it for 20 min.
● wash it after 20 min. You can use this paste once time in a week.

5. Cucumber and milk face pack-

Cucumber softens to skin and strengthens the connective tissues. It's  protect water retention in skin. This tents to correct the tonnes skin.
How to use-
● you should half cucumber, 1/4 cups milk, 1tbs of honey and 1 tbs brown sugar for it.
● take cucumber juice and add in milk, honey and brown sugar
● make a thin paste
●now apply this paste on face and leave it for 20 min and after wash it with normal water.

6. Strawberry and chocolate face pack-

   Strawberry contain plenty of minerals and vitamins , which is protect to premature aging. Magnesium and antioxidant are present in strawberry.
How to use-
● Take 4 strawberry , 1 tbs cocoa powder and 1tbs honey and combine all of
● make a paste and apply this paste on face
●leave this paste for 15 min on face
● after wash it with Luke warm water.