Milk facials for skin beauty

How to get beauty skin from these 6 steps

So far, milk was used to clean the skin. Now milk facial is a new trend in modern fashion, which gives nutrients to the skin, blood circulation improves, skin looks bright, bright, and moist, it also saves skin loses. There are so many advantages of milk facials. Firstly clean the skin. Take four spoons raw milk to clean the skin. Soak soaked cotton and rub it on the face and neck so that the skin is well cleaned. After that mix papaya and oats mash in raw milk and prepare the mixture. Put this mixture on face, neck and light massage for 5 to 7 minutes. Keep tomato slices on the eyes, keep eyes blind. Steam the face after 2 to 3 minutes of massage. The skin will glow.

1. To increase the skin glow-

Mix melon, cucumber juice and curd in milk powder. Milk Powder is a spoonful enough. Mix one spoon curd, two tablespoons of watermelon juice and two tablespoons of cucumber juice in a bowl, now place its paste on your face and neck. After 15 minutes wash the face with fresh water. Skin shade, softness and strength improve.

2. Use of milk in sunscreen work-

How to get beauty skin from these 6 steps
Mix 2 glasses of sandalwood powder in 3 teaspoons thick milk and keep its coating on face, neck. After 20 minutes wash the face, neck with cold water. Sandalwood provides coolness to the skin and removes black spots in the face, as well as repairs the skin from the sun to the skin. Use it three times a day with dusky skin. Those who get more out in the sun should also use it three times a week.

3. For oily skin-

Cucumber, milk and lemon juice are good for oily skin. Peel off the cucumber and grind it, mix the leftover cucumber with milk and mix half a teaspoon lemon juice. Apply this mixture as face pack on face and wash face after 15 minutes. The extra oil of the skin begins to decrease.

4. For simple skin-

Mix one spoon oats and mashed papaya in the cup of milk for normal skin. In addition, prepare 3 teaspoons tomato pieces, 1 spoon gram flour, 1 spoon grated potato, 1 spoon lemon juice, 2 spoons of cream or thick curd, 5 almonds, and all of them in a mixing paste. Put this paste on face and neck, leave it for 15 mintes, then after cleaning the district with clean sunscreen.

5. For dry skin-

If your skin is hot, add a few drops of olive oil in a spoonful milk and pinch of turmeric powder. Keep face, face up to 10 to 15 minutes. Wash the face face. The skin becomes soft and moisturizer too.

6. For fairness skin-

If you want to improve the color of the skin then take almonds, turmeric powder and milk. 5 Soak the almonds and peel it and put it in the milk and make powder, add turmeric powder in it and sell it for 20 minutes on face and neck. After drying, massage the face with light hands and clean it. The color of the skin will get enhanced.

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