Today, I bring some very delicious and "keto diet" plan "food healthy recipe". Health food is very important for our body.

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Sweet potato, avocado and quinoa salad with feta cheese

Ingredients -

300g - sweet potato
100g - quinoa
100g - feta cheese
30gm- sunflower seeds
     1   - avocado
     1   - lettuce
     1   - onion
50ml - olive oil
25ml - white wine vinegar
2tsp - honey
2tap - vegetable oil and
   Salt and pepper as taste

How to make -

Step 1- first of fall, you take a cutting board and knife then peel sweet potato and cut in small bite pieces.

Step 2- spread it in the baking sheet with vegetables oil and season with salt. Bake it for 25 to 30 minutes at 150 to 160 °c in oven.

Step 3- cook quinoa and toast sunflower seeds in frying pan till become golden brown colour.

Step 4- chop lettuce, avocado and onion in small chunks.

Step 5- take a bowl and add in olive oil, sweet potato, quinoa, avocado,onion , toast sunflower seed after crumble feta cheese on the top and serve it on your guests.