A healthy lifestyle is needed to keep the heart healthy.  Which is difficult in today's urban life.  Sleepless, get up, calm the appetite by eating anything from work and market at any time.  Such a lifestyle not only makes the body fat but also causes a lot of damage to the heart.  That is why on World Heart Day, here you are telling about 5 such foods which are not harmful to your heart but very harmful.

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 1. Energy drinks and soda

 The first thing to remember when you are lightly thirsty or tired is energy drinks and soda.  But energy drinks contain a lot of caffeine which can cause arrhythmias.  Arrhythmia means a change in the rhythm of your heartbeat.  The most prominent symptom of arrhythmia is irregular heartbeat.  Similarly, drinking soda can also increase blood sugar level.  Not only this, soda increases the risk of heart disease by creating tension on the walls of the artery (arteries that carry blood from the heart to the rest of the body).  The use of soda in daily diet can prove fatal.

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 2. Chips

 Be it children or old, tips are everyone's favorite.  But these are not good for your heart at all.  Many research has also revealed that people who eat more than 200 milligrams of sodium a day are among the 10 people who die of heart disease.  Chips are rich in trans fat, sodium, carbs and many more.  Not only this, these chips contain excess salt which is responsible for many other diseases of the heart.

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 3. Pizza, Noodles and Chinese Food

 Pizzas and Chinese food are home to fat and sodium.  There is also a lot of sodium in the sauce eaten with them.  Consumption of these two can cause an artery block.  Similarly, noodles are also very harmful.  Children like to grow these instant noodles, but according to the study, 875 milligrams of sodium is found in a packet of instant noodle.  This amount is equal to a day's sodium intake.  Eating too much salt increases blood pressure, which causes pressure on the heart.

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 4. Chicken

 Chicken is rich in protein, but nowadays fried-fried chicken found in the markets is found in plenty of trans fat.  This is not only dangerous for the health but is also responsible for widening the waist more than necessary.  These kinds of things bring oxidants in our body, who are enemies of anti-oxidants.

 5. Coffee

 Along with disturbing sleep, high amount of coffee also damages the body.  At the same time, blended coffee has a lot of calories and fat.  There is also a lot of sugar in it, which is enough to increase the blood sugar level.  Not only this, the caffeine present in this type of coffee also increases blood sugar level and its intake is very harmful especially for diabetes and heart patient.