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For those who are short of time and want to complete their workouts, high intensity interval training ie HIIT is the perfect option.  It is also called high intensity intermittent exercise.  HIIT is a form of interval training with cardio exercise strategy, which is a short-term anaerobic exercise.  This is a short-time workout that you have to continue until you start feeling tired.  This is a very effective way to reduce belly fat.  Experts recommend HIIT to those who are in a hurry to reduce their belly fat and weight.  It helps in burning more fat and calories in less time.

According to a research published in the US National Library of Medicine- National Institutes of Health, HIIT workouts burn calories faster while increasing metabolism.  Research also says that high intensity interval training, strength training and low intensity reduce belly fat more effectively than aerobic exercise.
If you want to reduce belly fat as well as you want to lose weight, then you can include the exercises mentioned below in your workout routine.

1. Twist:

Twist is an exercise that is effective for belly fat and weight loss.  For this, sit on the floor with your ankles and hands remain on your chest.  After this, slowly turn to the side.  Do this exercise both sides.

2. Star jumping or jumping jack:

You can also include the option to do 100 to 150 jumping jacks in your workout routine.  Stand with both your feet equal, then start jumping in the star shape.  Try to jump in the shape of the star by moving the hands and feet outwards.  Bend your knees and move your hands to the knee and start the exercise.  You can also take help of online videos to do this exercise with perfection.

3. Mountain Climbers:

Mountain Climbers are a great exercise to reduce belly fat.  For this, while more energy is required on the one hand, it also helps you in burning more calories.

4. Superman with lateral ridges:

To do this exercise, lie down on your stomach, then lift your legs and shoulders off the floor and stretch backwards.  Squeeze your back during exercise.  This exercise will help in giving you best results.

5. Burpees:

To reduce belly fat, wrap 15-20 in sets of 3 or 4.
To do the exercises described as HIIT, you need to do exercises with quick and full energy.  Try to finish a complete set of these in 10-15 minutes.  This will prove very effective in reducing belly fat and weight.