Obesity is a problem that gives you many other diseases as well.  Obesity can cause many dangerous diseases ranging from heart to high BP.  And the reason for this obesity is irregular eating and lifestyle.  The habit of eating more fast food of youth and children is also becoming the cause of obesity.  If you want to reduce obesity, you should try some home remedies along with improving lifestyle.

1. To lose weight ( how to lose weight quickly),  it is important that you exercise every day.  Exercise will not only reduce your weight and belly fat, but you will not have many diseases ranging from heart to blood pressure.  Exercise is very important to stay healthy.  You walk a lot and run.  This will reduce excess body fat and your belly fat will also go inside.

2. It is important to improve your habits for weight loss (how to lose weight quickly),  Wake up early in the morning and drink lukewarm water everyday.  In fact, lukewarm water reduces weight loss as well as stomach related diseases.  You drink lemon juice mixed with lukewarm water every morning and then see how your weight will start to reduce in a few days.  Drink warm water instead of cold at regular intervals throughout the day.  This will keep your health well and reduce weight.

3. For weight loss (how to lose weight quickly) , it is important that you eat at the right time and never skip breakfast in the morning.  Actually, morning breakfast is very beneficial for health.  Having breakfast in the morning provides essential nutrients to the body, due to which you keep yourself energetic throughout the day.  In the morning breakfast, you should take oats, egg and omelette, poha, semolina , upma and fruit etc.

4. Often we feel hungry after a few hours after breakfast in the morning.  In such times, many times we eat the wrong things, which causes weight gain.  If you feel hungry again, do not forget to consume the pastries like samosa, bread pakoras.  This can increase your weight further.  So whenever you feel hungry again, eat Makhane and Roast Peanuts.  Not only this, you can also eat salad of nuts, bowl oats, roasted gram, raw vegetables.

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