5 things related to coronavirus that are important for everyone to know

5 things related to coronavirus that are important for everyone to know

About Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19): Corona virus, which originated from China Virus, has also knocked in India via South Korea and Italy (Corona Virus In India). Somewhere, his treatment is being told through WhatsApp, then some people have started depositing masks and hand sanitizer. A total of 31 cases have been reported in the country (Coronavirus Cases), of which the latest case is from Delhi, a person who recently returned after traveling to Thailand. Amidst these reports, many wrong and fact-related things are also being publicized. So let's dispel such myths associated with the corona virus. Collecting all the points of the WHO report, health experts and the latest research, some things have come to light, so that things can be understood to a great extent.

5 things related to coronavir that are important for everyone to know

1. 75-80 percent of the cases are of those who came in direct contact with the patient suffering from Corona virus, that is, the patient's friends and family members who are around them.

2. In the case of corona virus patients, 88 percent have fever, 68 percent cough and cough, 38 percent fatigue, 18 percent trouble breathing, 14 percent body and head pain, 11 percent cold. Lagna and diarrhea of ​​4 percent is prominent. It is worth noting that the running nose, ie, runny nose, was not found in the corona virus patients. And right now in India, people who have nose bleeding are the most afraid of Corona.

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3. Talking about Mainland China, the mortality rate in corona virus patients is almost 2 percent, which is far below SARS 10 percent, swine flu 4.5 percent and Ebola 25 percent. And the number of people who get cured after suffering from Corona virus is very high.

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4. 0 percent mortality in children up to 9 years old, 0.2 percent mortality rate in people aged 10–39 years, 0.4 percent in people up to 40–49 years old, 1.3 percent in people aged 50–59 years, 60– 3.6% among people up to 69 years, 3.6% among people 60-69 years old, 8% among people aged 70-79, 14.8% among people over 80 years old, if you understand these figures, it is clear that On people struggling with aging, decreasing immunity and already serious illnesses Sector virus bearing much.

5. Despite being weakened by all the previous viruses, the fear of corona virus is the highest in the public, due to which social media penetration has now reached rural areas due to cheap data and phones. Nearly 2 billion people are on WhatsApp and 1.69 billion people are being spread on Facebook, and all the rumors, videos and pictures about Corona on these platforms.

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