best masks 


The dangerous and deadly corona virus has caused havoc all over the world and now India too has not remained untouched by it. After confirmation of corona virus patients in many cities of India, ways of prevention are being found. The general public is buying masks so that its viruses do not enter their bodies. Although there are many types of masks available in the market, but not all masks can prevent the infection of corona virus.

Let us know what types of masks are effective in viruses and infections. Although the corona virus is spreading rapidly, the corona will not spread rapidly if masks are placed in crowded places and avoid contact with sick persons.

1. Surgical mask: 

It is a disposable mask, it is used by doctors, nurses and sick doctors present in the hospital. This, along with the doctor, also protects the patient from infection, as it prevents bacterial infection from "inside to outside". Although it should not be worn for more than 3-8 hours, it cannot prevent the dreaded corona virus.

2. Respirator mask: 

is more reliable than a surgical mask, as it prevents "bacterial infection from outside to inside". This mask helps during the epidemic of viruses such as Corona, H1W1 and SARS.

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Respirator masks are of two types.

Insulating Respirator Mask and Filtering Respirator Mask, they are used according to gas leaks and European standard. Respirator mask is placed in 3 disposable varieties.

3. FFP1 mask:

 It is not very good in quality, it has a filtration rate of 80 percent and leakage of 22 percent. You can use it during your stay in the house.

4. FFP2 mask: 

It is better in quality than FFP1. Filtration is 94 percent and leakage is up to 8 percent. Currently these masks are being worn to avoid the corona virus.

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5. FFP3 Mask: 

It is said to be the best quality mask, in which the filtration is usually 99 percent and leakage is up to 2 percent. Help is being sought in foreign countries to avoid corona, SARS and other deadly viruses. However, in a crowded country like India, how effective it will be cannot be said, but it is certain that the mask will not let the infection spread through cough and sneeze.