Corona virus treatment and how spread virus

One such virus, which was not known in science till now, is causing havoc in China. Now this virus has reached many other countries of the world too.

In December of last year, the virus spread from Wuhan city of China is named Corona virus.

corona virus

In China, more than 132 people have died due to this reason. Apart from the city of Wuhan, a case of this infection has also been found in Beijing, after which the Beijing administration has appealed to the people to avoid traveling as much as possible.

In Germany and Japan, cases of corona virus have been found in people who have never been to China.

Hong Kong has also announced strict restrictions in its wake. Russia has completely closed most of its border with China.

Health experts from all over the world are currently on high alert due to this virus.

What is coronavirus?

The virus is named Corona due to its shape resembling a crown (with thorns). Corona virus is a deadly infection in human lungs.

First of all, the body temperature of the infected person increases i.e. he gets fever after which he has a dry cough. After a week, he has difficulty in breathing.

According to the information available till now, there is a big family of this particular virus, out of which only six viruses can infect a human being. It is believed that the corona virus that spreads disease in humans is a seventh member of this family.

Due to this family virus, the first person has a cold, cold and cough, and then the situation becomes serious.

SARS virus (Severe acute respiratory syndrome) is also a type of corona virus responsible for 774 deaths in China in 2012.

Dr. Jozi Golding of the Welcome Group says, "This is the same type of SARS virus, because of this the fear is even more. But today we are more prepared to deal with this kind of disease."

Why is it not being treated?

The person does not die immediately after infection with this virus. Experts believe that due to this, it is difficult to find the exact data of the number of people infected by it.

It has been reported earlier from the South China Sea-Food Wholesale Market in Wuhan, related to cases of corona virus found. But since December 1, 2019, the documents related to infection indicate that this corona virus has no relation with the sea food market of Wuhan.

It is a matter of SARS, this virus was first spread from bats to cats and then from cats to humans.

If it is known from which animal the virus has started spreading first, then it helps a lot in its prevention.

Beluga whale (white whale) found in memory can be the carrier of corona virus. But many wild live animals are kept in Wuhan's Sea Food Market, among which chickens, bats, rabbits and snakes are the main ones. Any of these animals can be the source of this deadly virus.

Researchers say that this new corona virus resembles the virus found in Chinese Horseshoe bats.

However, this does not mean that the same bats are responsible for the situation that China is facing today. But it may be that the virus came from the body of these bats into the body of another animal.

When the news of this virus infection was first received, scientists said that it does not spread from humans to humans, but now it has been learned that a person can infect 1.4 to 2.5 people. In such a situation, until its complete treatment is found, the infection can be stopped only by completely stopping the cities.

When is the infection not known?

Chinese scientists say that the infection has already happened in the person before the signs of infection appear.

The incubation period (time between infection and symptoms appearing) of this virus can be from one to 14 days.

The risk of infection is high only when symptoms are present in SARS and Ebola virus, due to which the situation can be controlled by isolating the infected person, but this cannot be done in the case of corona virus.

Professor Wendy Barclay of the Department of Imperial College of Infectious Diseases, London, says, "The virus can often spread through breathing and conversation, and it is not surprising that the corona virus spreads like this."

Dr. Golding says, "Until the source of the virus, or the carrier, is known, it is difficult to say how worried we should be, the fear of it will remain."

Professor Johnathan Ball, a virus specialist at Nottingham University, says, "Like the old cases of Corona virus, like them, it must have come from some animal."

"After infecting a human, this virus starts increasing its number and then it can produce its mutants (change in the original form). After that it can spread more quickly. This makes it more dangerous."

No vaccine has been invented for this so far. In this situation, the situation becomes even more worrisome.

Presently, doctors are using anti-virus lopinavir and ritonavir used during SARS infection to fight the corona virus currently infecting them.

But until the special vaccine is not developed for this, the world will remain worried