the opinion of world famous virologist Ian Lipkin on corona virus | stylebuzs

Many countries of the world have come under the grip of Coronavirus. At the same time, efforts are being made to deal with this virus. Thousands of people have died all over the world due to the corona virus, so a large number of people have been cured after suffering from this virus. Meanwhile, virologist Dr. Ian Lipkin has given a great advice to the healed people.


Talking to India Today, known to the world virologist Dr. Ian Lipkin said that it may take a year to get the vaccine (vaccine) of this virus. Also, Lipkin has advised that people who have recovered after being caught by the virus should provide plasma to plasma banks as it is effective in treating the coronovirus.

the opinion of world famous virologist Ian Lipkin on corona virus | stylebuzs

He said, 'Those patients who have been cured of corona virus have a large amount of antibodies to the plasma lethal pathogen (virus). Plasma from donated blood will be used to make antibodies to fight deadly pathogens on the victim's body.

Lipkin said, 'Antibodies are the only way to test the scope of people infected with the virus. I do not know if there will be an end to it or not, but due to this virus, we may have to fight further. The virus may return in the next season. Hopefully, we'll have a vaccine by then. The vaccine is about a year away.

Methods of protection of coronavirus

In addition, Ian Lipkin also suggested measures to prevent the coronavirus. He said, 'Please wash your hands before touching your face. This will not infect you with the virus. Along with this, we are also encouraging people to wear gloves. Wear gloves using public transport. At the same time, Lipkin also refused to join hands with people in terms of security.

How many people are vulnerable to the virus?

Let us tell you that this virus started spreading from China has created a rage in many countries of the world. More than 90 thousand patients of corona virus have been reported worldwide. At the same time, more than 3 thousand people have died due to this deadly virus.

How many cases in India?

Currently 25 positive cases of coronavirus have been reported in India. Union Health Minister Harsh Vardhan confirmed this on Wednesday. He said, 'So far 28 cases of Kovid-19 have been found in India. Out of which three patients in Kerala have fully recovered. According to Harsh Vardhan, at least nine Indians and 16 foreign nationals are vulnerable to corona virus.