ahemical compound, which is necessary for the formation of cells in the body.  But increasing it beyond a limit can prove dangerous in many ways.  Increased cholesterol is not only fatal for the heart and brain, but it is also harmful for the kidneys.  Therefore, keep checking about the cholesterol level after checking it periodically, so that it can be kept under control.  The rise in cholesterol is also related to our food habits.  That is, cholesterol can also be controlled by improving food habits.  Today we know what we can do:

 1. Early morning with garlic

 Such enzymes are found in garlic, which are helpful in reducing LDL.  According to a research, regular intake of garlic can reduce LDL levels by up to 9 percent.  Chewing two buds of garlic on an empty stomach daily in the morning will be beneficial.

 2. Eat almonds before drinking tea

 Almonds contain omega-3 fatty acids, which are helpful in reducing bad cholesterol and increasing good cholesterol.  They should be soaked in water one night before and about 20 minutes before morning tea.  Soaking in water reduces the fatty element in almonds.  Eating five to six almonds daily will also be sufficient.  Its cost for one month will be almost as much as cholesterol-reducing drugs.  Also, if you consume walnuts, there will be double benefit.  Cashew should be avoided.

 3. Foods should be rich in fiber

 From breakfast to dinner, whenever and whatever you eat, it should be fiber-rich.  Be sure to include salad in both of your daily meals.  All kinds of things included in the salad such as onion, radish, carrot, beet, etc. are made of fibers.  Oats, sprouts, and sweet potatoes also contain significant amounts of fibers.  Take them for breakfast.  Fruits like oranges, pears, papaya, chiku are also good sources of fiber.

 4. Do not say fried things outside

 Consistent intake of transfats increases bad cholesterol such as LDL, while levels of good cholesterol such as HDL decrease by 20 percent.  Transfat is mainly in deep fried, baked and creamed items.  Especially by heating the same oil again and again, the amount of transfeat in it increases.  Similar oil is commonly used in outdoor food.  Therefore, deep fried things outside should be avoided.

 5. Increase Botanical Protein Intake

 Botanical protein means a protein that resembles vegetation.  This can be achieved through protein pulses, beans, gram, groundnut, soyabean etc.  This helps in reducing the level of bad cholesterol very fast and increases the level of good cholesterol.

Cholesterol will not increase by eating eggs, but eat only one: Research

 Until now, there has been a belief that the intake of eggs increases bad cholesterol.  This assumption was made because eggs contain dietary cholesterol.  But now the Population Health Research Institute (PHRI) has come to the conclusion after analyzing three global studies that eating limited amounts of eggs neither increases cholesterol levels nor poses a risk to the heart.  According to the Research Institute, one egg can be eaten daily, free from the worry of increasing cholesterol.
 The three studies PHRI analyzed included a total of 1 lakh 77 thousand people.  These people were spread in 55 countries, not in any one country.  These studies were also carried out over a long period.  Therefore these studies are being considered more reliable than earlier studies.