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how to spread corona virus

Do you know that the corona virus is a very subtle but effective virus. The corona virus is 900 times smaller than human hair, but corona infection is spreading rapidly around the world. So far, corona virus infection has spread in 60 countries of the world. Corona continues to wreak havoc in China and now countries like Iran, Italy and South Korea are battling the growing threat of the corona virus. In view of the increasing danger of corona, people are now taking great care. In such a situation, we are giving you some important information related to Corona.

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Can approaching corona infected person lead to illness? If you go to a grocery store whose owner has got corona infection. In this case you may also get corona infection. Experts say that corona infection can also be caused by keeping the money given to him or returning after swapping the card given by you. How can corona spread? There may be four reasons for corona infection to spread. How long have you been with the infected person? How much did you go to him? Did that person sneeze or cough you? How many times have you touched your face? Corona infection is also affected due to your age and health.

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What happens with sneezing or coughing?

 If someone infected with a corona coughs or sneezes, a few drops fall from their mouth or nose in the process, they can cause corona infection. One professor said that the corona virus can enter the body of another person with the help of these drops. Can you identify the corona affected person? It is not necessary that you identify the person infected with corona, the symptoms of infection with corona are similar to those of common cold. Covid 19 can be identified only after examination in lab. Can the corona virus infection spread through a touch screen or a bus stop pole? This can happen. The corona infection has happened to people in Hong Kong at a Buddhist temple in the same way. According to the sample taken from this temple, evidence of corona virus has also been found in bathroom taps and clothes covered on books.

The corona virus can reach anywhere, as long as there are no obstacles in its path. When we sneeze or cough, a few drops fall from our mouth. If nothing comes in their way, then they can reach the land directly. The corona virus can reach your body only when it reaches your eyes, nose or mouth. Some experts believe that coughing or sneezing is the main reason for corona infection. By going too close to a person or having dinner together, the corona virus can spread. An expert said, "If you are so close to a person that you feel the smell of garlic or ginger in their mouth, then the corona virus can reach your body from an infected person." A spokesman for the World Health Organization said, "It is okay to live at least three feet away from a sick person."