Is it possible to avoid wearing masks or is it safe to wear a mask 

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Corona virus infection has reached 186 countries of the world, more than 3.40 million people are infected with corona virus and more than 14,600 people have died. More than 360 cases of Covid-19 have been found in India. Also, the deaths of seven people have also been confirmed. At the same time, 23 patients have fully recovered.

Amidst all this, a question is also being asked,

 Is it possible to avoid wearing masks?

 Or is it safe to wear a mask?

 But it is not as easy as you are thinking to answer this question.

In many countries such as Britain, USA and Singapore people have been advised not to wear masks if they are not ill. This advice has been issued on the basis of the World Health Organization and it is probably the reason why you have seen very few people wearing masks on the streets of these countries.

At the same time, wearing masks has become a social culture in many countries such as China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea and Japan and you will find that most people are wearing masks. People who use masks argue that wearing it is very important. They say that people who look healthy may also have the virus. But some people say that people who are healthy yet using masks are suffering from lack of masks for those who really need it.

However, whether to wear a mask or not is a controversial issue. At the same time, there are many cases in which people have also been attacked by people wearing masks, because in most countries, wearing masks has not been practiced at all.

Meanwhile, in China and South Korea, those who do not wear masks are being considered wrong and in many buildings the entry of people without masks is also banned. But what is the guideline of the World Health Organization in this regard!

When to wear a mask

  1. If you are healthy, then you need to wear a mask only when you are taking care of a corona virus infected person.
  2. Wear a mask if you have a cold or cough.
  3. Some people feel that wearing a mask has become safe, but it is not so. Wearing a mask will never work when your hands are clean.
  4. Periodically keep your hands clean and use an alcohol based hand soap or sanitizer to clean your hands.
  5. If you are wearing a mask, the most important thing is that you know how to wear and use it.

How to wear and use masks:

  1. Make sure to clean your hands before wearing a mask. Clean hands thoroughly with alcohol-based sanitizer or soap.
  2. Wear the mask in such a way that the mouth and nose are completely covered and try to avoid any gap between your mask and mouth.
  3. Do not touch the mask while wearing the mask. Wear it with a mask belt.
  4. Keep changing the mask as soon as possible and try to avoid reusing the single-use mask.
  5. When you are removing the mask, remove it from the back. Do not touch him from the front.
  6. Immediately discard the mask after removing it. Put the used mask in the dustbin with the lid only.
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