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coronavirus china

Coronavirus, spread from the city of Wuhan in China, has now caused a rage in Delhi. A man returned from Italy to Delhi has been found suffering from the deadly virus. At the same time, a new case has also emerged from Telangana. This person has recently returned from Dubai. The fear of coronavirus is increasing among people now. The symptoms of coronavirus reported by WHO are very similar to those of common cold. In such a situation, health experts claim that the virus can be avoided by taking special care of certain things.

1. Maintaining hygiene is very important to avoid the Korana virus. Take care of the cleanliness around you. While coughing, place the tissue on the mouth and then throw it into the covered dustbin. Wash hands with soap from time to time.

2. Use soap or sanitizer to wash hands thoroughly. After this, scrub the hands thoroughly for about 20 seconds. After washing hands, wipe with a clean cloth or dry your hands with a dryer.


3. When exiting the house, cover the mouth thoroughly for N95 mask.

4. Do not eat any kind of food items purchased from the market. Boil it well before eating meat or green vegetables.

5. Do not try to come in contact with the affected or unknown person. After shaking hands with any person, wash hands thoroughly with soap.

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6. Avoid applying hands repeatedly to the eye, nose or mouth. If doing so, wash hands and mouth immediately.

7. If you have a cough, a cold, a fever, or have trouble breathing, get a doctor checked soon.

8. Regularly follow the advice given by doctor.