what is the coronavirus

Coronavirus Update:

 Corona virus is being discussed everywhere. Recently, talk of its rapid spread has also come to light. Coronavirus is spreading rapidly in Asia. Cases of death from the coronavirus are also increasing worldwide. The first case of corona virus was reported in China. Due to the rapid spread of this virus, the Government of India had directed Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata airports to check tourists coming from China through Thermal Scanner. Seeing the steps taken for the precaution of this virus, it is clear how dangerous it can be. After all, what is Coronavirus and how can it be identified? Does the corona virus spread from one person to another. Know the answers to all these questions here ...

what is the coronavirus
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What is corona virus?

Many misconceptions about the Corona virus are also spreading! If you want to know about Corona virus, then WHO has linked this fast spreading virus with seafood. People are getting sick from the corona virus because there is a group of viruses that can have direct effects on the body! The virus is also spreading to many animals including camels, cats and bats.

How does the coronavirus spread?

The WHO has expressed the possibility that the corona virus may be infected between two humans in very close contact with each other.

Where did the corona virus come from?

The outbreak of this virus has started from China. The biggest outbreak has been seen in Wuhan city of Huawei province of China. Along with China, patients of Corona virus have been found in Japan, Thailand, Singapore. In England, three members of the same family became infected with a virus.

Corona virus has been spreading rapidly

It is being said that the corona virus is spreading rapidly. The WHO has expressed its concern about this dangerous virus. Its number of patients is also increasing in many countries! According to WHO report, since 2012, the number of patients infected with this virus has reached 33 in Europe and Middle East.