According to the World Health Organization, the first case of corona virus was confirmed on 31 December 2019. Considering the speed with which the virus spread, it was declared a public health emergency on 30 January 2020.

corona vaccine

But there was not much information about this virus in the initial times and due to this, its treatment could not be found soon.

Till now no vaccine has been made to avoid this virus.

Information about this virus and the ways of its infection is available but till now no cure has been found.

Doctors in many countries, including the World Health Organization, are working to find a vaccine to deal with it, but will the vaccine be made soon?

How long will the corona vaccine be made?

Doctors doing research on this virus say that they have made a vaccine and started testing it on animals. If everything is correct then this year can be started testing in humans also.

Even if scientists are happy that the vaccine has been found for the corona virus, it will still take time to start its production on a large scale.

This means that in reality it cannot be said that this vaccine will be available in the market before next year.

Work on the corona virus covid 19 is going on at a very fast pace and different methods are also being adopted for making vaccines. In such a situation, there is currently no guarantee about its vaccine.

So far, four types of corona virus have been found which can cause infection in humans. Due to these viruses, symptoms like cold and cough are seen and there is no vaccine for them yet.

Will people of all ages be saved?

It is believed that if the corona virus vaccine is made, then its effect may be reduced in older people. But the reason for this is not because of the vaccine, but because of the immunological capacity of the people, as the age increases, the immunity of the person also decreases.

It is seen every year with flu infection.

All medicines also have side effects. Commonly used medication for fever also has side effects.

But until a vaccine is clinically tested, it is difficult to know how it can have an effect.

What can be done until the vaccine is made?
It is true that vaccine protects the person from disease, but the most effective way to avoid the corona virus is to keep it clean.

If you get a corona virus infection then it is often like a minor infection. It is difficult to say that many types of anti-viral are being used in clinical trials, but they will also be effective in corona.

How is the vaccine made?
Human blood contains white blood cells in the blood which are part of its immune system.

Without harming the body, very small amounts of viruses or bacteria are put into the body through vaccines. When the body's defense system recognizes this virus or bacteria, the body learns to fight it.

After this, if a person actually encounters that virus or bacteria, then he knows how to deal with the infection.

For decades, only the real virus has been used in the vaccines made to deal with the virus.

Measles, mumps and rubella (MMR ie measles, mumps and rubella) are the weak viruses used to make vaccines that cannot infect. Also, its virus is also used in flu vaccine.

But in the case of corona virus, new methods are being used for the new vaccine that is being made at the moment and which has not been tested yet. The genetic code of the new corona virus Sars-CoV-2 is now known to scientists and we now have a complete blueprint ready to make the vaccine.

Some doctors making vaccines are trying to prepare a new vaccine by taking some part of the corona virus's genetic code.

Many doctors are using the original genetic code of this virus which once in the body makes viral proteins so that the body can learn to fight the virus.

Scientists in Australia have begun a test on two potential corona virus vaccines

According to the World Health Organization, the vaccine made by Oxford University and the American company Innovo Pharmaceuticals has been successfully tested on animals.

If these vaccines are found to be successful in testing on humans, then the Australian Science Agency will evaluate them further.

Last month, the vaccine has been tested on humans for the first time in the US, but the phase of testing on animals was abandoned at that time.

Corona virus vaccine work is going on fast in the whole world. But Australia's Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO) says the trial will be the first fully pre-clinical trial conducted on animals.

Researchers have said that the cooperation from all over the world is excellent, due to which we have been able to reach this stage so fast.

CSIRO doctor Rob Grenfell says, "It usually takes one to two years to reach this stage. But we have reached it in just two months."

How does this vaccine work

In the last few days, the CSIRO team has tested this vaccine on Gandhabilav (an animal of mongoose). It has been proven that corona virus infection occurs in humans, just like humans.

In fact, the SARS cov-2 virus is responsible for corona infection.

At least 20 vaccines are currently in operation all over the world.

The CSIRO team is working on two vaccines.

The first vector vaccine has been developed by Oxford University. In this, the 'defunct' virus is used to inject the proteins of the corona virus into the immune system and then test its effects.

Professor Trevor Drew of the Australian Animal Health Laboratory in Victoria explains that the virus inserted into the immune system does not produce its own copy. Therefore, there is no possibility of falling ill with this vaccine.

He also tells about the other vaccine which American company Innovio Pharmaceuticals has prepared. This vaccine works a little differently.

It is designed in such a way that it encodes some proteins of the corona virus in the immune system and then catalyzes the body's cells to produce those proteins.

It is very important from many aspects and there is a lot of scope for its success.

How long can we get the results?

Scientists say that the results of the test on animals may come in early June.

If the results are true, then the vaccine can be sent for clinical examination. After this, the process of its arrival in the market may be speeded up, but experts warn that at least 18 months' time may take other processes even after this.