How to make hand sanitizer at home

Hand sanitizer is very useful if you go anywhere, then it is a very good option for washing hands. Neither water nor soap is needed in this way.

 Where there is no water and soap, hand sanitizer is used to clean hands and kill germs.
 In view of the Corona virus spreading in the year 2020, the WHO said that the hand sanitizer should contain 60 percent alcohol. If hand sanitizer is not available in your market then you can make it at home.

So today I will tell you that you can make hand sanitizer at home

Ingredients for hand sanitizer

Mainly three materials are needed to make a hand sanitizer at home

Isopropyl alcohol or rubbing alcohol - 

these are the main ingredients to make it because it is alcohol that kills viruses and bacteria. You may have seen rubbing alcohol at your doctor who cleanses or rubs your skin before injecting you. It can easily be found in any medical shop, it is called spirit in the common language. The volume of rubbing alcohol should be 4 percent. Three quarters of this is needed.

Aloevera Gel -

 To make a hand sanitizer you need a quarter of Aloevera gel. This prevents the alcohol from drying out or blowing up quickly. Aloe vera gel is used to protect your skin from dryness due to alcohol. If you want, you can also get Aloe vera gel from Aloe vera plant grown at home.

Oil or Lemon Juice -

 You can use lavender oil or tea tree oil or any fragrant oil to make the smell of alcohol more intense. If oil is not available, you can also use lemon juice. Which reduces the smell of alcohol.

How to make hand sanitizer

First of all you have to take alcohol and aloevera gel in 2: 1. This means taking two-thirds of alcohol and one-third of aloe vera gel. Due to which the alcohol content is reduced to 40 percent because the hand sanitizer with 70 percent alcohol can kill the virus and bacteria.

  •  In a glass bowl, take two thirds alcohol and 1 third aloe vera gel.
  • Now in this we will add 6 to 10 drops of oil or lemon juice of your favorite taste.
  • Shake this mixture with the help of a spoon until the alcohol and aloe vera gel are mixed well.
  • After mixing it well we will put it in a small bottle. And can be taken with you anywhere.
  • You can use it at a place where more people go or more people have left something.