Breathing difficulty has also been considered a major symptom of several symptoms of corona infection. It is directly related to the lungs. Apart from corona, there are many lung diseases that are considered dangerous such as asthma, COPD, cystic fibrosis, muscular dystrophy, etc. When the lungs do not work properly or there is a serious illness associated with them, the doctor provides some therapy. These are effective in treatment. This is called chest physiotherapy in medical language. This is also called CPT or Chest PT.
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When Chest Physiotherapy is given

what does mean of chest PT

The World Confederation for Physical Therapy magazine clearly states what are the guidelines for dealing with covid-19. It said that immediate therapy should not be given as soon as the initial symptoms are seen. Yes, Chest Physiotherapy will be given to patients with conditions like pneumonia to severe corona. Chest physiotherapy may be recommended if you have difficulty in breathing. There is a group in this therapy. This includes many therapies such as postural drainage, chest percussion, chest vibration, turning, deep breathing exercise. They help in removing the mucus deposited in the lungs.

Undergoing surgery

Patients with other treatments also require chest physiotherapy after diseases such as cystic fibrosis and COPD. Apart from this, people who undergo surgery can also be advised for this therapy.

Refuse Chest Therapy for

-The rib bone is broken

-In case of head or neck injury

-Selected bone injuries

-The lungs are completely spoiled

-In severe asthma

-Pulmonary embolism

- When bleeding from lungs

-Is there a fresh wound somewhere in the body

- Have cut marks or burnt skin

Balloon-like structure inside the lungs

-9 thousand liters of air is needed for a person to breathe everyday

-17.5 ml of water is exhaled while exhaling when a person is in a relaxed state
There is a structure like 300 million balloons inside the human lungs.